Rosyne Spirit

For amateurs, aesthetes and elegant people, fashion is an art and Team Rosyne is an artist. 

Rosyne Club fulfills their desires and revives nostalgia. Here is an establishment like we do more where the verb “Dare” takes its place.
Rosyne “Le Club” has her fans who recognize each other because the elective affinities are visible at first sight. We are among ourselves.

The beauty of the gesture cannot be decreed. Style cannot be learned. The taste cannot be improvised.
Rosyne combines intuition, technique, know-how and knowing how to think. Undeniably interpersonal skills. No caution here, style is a feeling.

Style is the man it is the woman, those who take the step of 1 rue des pertuisanes will free themselves. Doubt is not allowed, for the daring, the dandies.

This place is yours. We enter Rosyne's house, without leaving. Style is an approach, a desire to express oneself, to stand out and to sublimate oneself. Precision, originality and above all sensitivity, through these precepts Rosyne Club teaches you, questions you and above all shares with you know-how, a way of living.

There is the school of life. Dare to go to the school of style.

Rosyne Club